FIFA 22 Early Access – How to Play FIFA 22 Early

FIFA 22 release date is in October 1st 2021. However, you are able to play the game earlier starting September 27, when you can pre-order an Ultimate Edition of the game starting on September 22 when you become members of the EA Play service.

This article will help you learn the best ways to play FIFA 22 prior to its launch date by using possible early access options. We discuss the different ways to install FIFA 22 in advance and begin playing it before the release date.

Pre-Order Method

When placing an order in advance for FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition, you can pre-order FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition, you can download, get as well as play FIFA 22 four days in advance. This means that the game can be downloaded and played FIFA 22 on September 27, 2021..

The game available starting September 25 for pre-loading . It can be played starting on Sept. 27 (Early access) until the 1st of October (Normal accessibility) at 12 am (your store’s time in your region).

FIFA 22 pre-orders are available between 9 June and 1 October. Check out the FIFA 22 Pre-order options at

Early Access isn’t currently accessible for Standard Edition of FIFA 22.

EA Play (EA Access) Membership

EA Play and Origin Access members are eligible to download and play FIFA 22 on September 22nd, 2021..

EA Play is available on Xbox, Playstation, Origin and Steam platforms. Membership allows players the download of and playing 10 minutes of FIFA 22 gameplay one week before.

The game can be played pre-load and play beginning September 22nd 2021 (5pm UK) on EA Play application.


Early access of FIFA 22 for EA Play players is only 10-hours of play from 22 September to 1 October. From 1 October the game will allow you to continue playing FIFA 22 only in the event that already pre-ordered or purchased the game FIFA 22.