Bitcoin Breaks $29K: Fed Rate Hike Spurs Crypto Rally

• Bitcoin has pushed above $29,000 following the U.S. Federal Reserve’s 25 basis point interest rate hike on Thursday.
• Crypto services provider Matrixport has said that if Thursday’s rate rise proves to be the last of this cycle, bitcoin could rally 20% to $36,000.
• The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decided not to include a definition of digital assets in its latest hedge fund ruling, in what could have been a sign of positive intent toward clearer regulation of the crypto sector.

Bitcoin Pushes Above $29K After Fed Rate Hike

Bitcoin has pushed above $29,000 after the U.S Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 25 basis points on Thursday, with some analysts speculating that it may break higher over the course of the next month due to stock buybacks restarting at the end of earnings season providing a tailwind for risk assets such as crypto markets. Crypto services provider Matrixport has predicted that if this week’s rate rise is indeed the final one in this cycle then bitcoin will rally 20% up to around $36,000.

WallStreetBets Token Linked To Reddit Group Gains Momentum

The WallStreetBets token (WSB), which is linked to popular Reddit group WallStreetBets is gaining momentum as traders seek exposure to niche markets like meme stocks and cryptocurrencies through alternative avenues other than traditional financial investments such as derivatives trading or private placements.. This token is now listed on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance and Coinbase Pro with users able to purchase WSB tokens through either fiat currency or existing holdings in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum via a decentralized exchange protocol called Uniswap which provides liquidity between tokens without needing an intermediary broker or custodian service provider like most other securities do when exchanged over traditional exchanges.

SEC Decides Not To Include Definition Of Digital Assets In Hedge Fund Ruling

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) made a surprise decision not to include a definition for digital assets within their proposed 2022 update for mandatory disclosures for hedge funds – potentially signalling an intention from them towards clearer regulations for cryptocurrency markets in future rulings which might come out later down the line depending on how these updates develop and all relevant factors involved taken into account firstly before any further decisions are passed regarding this matter.. Anne-Marie Kelley – former SEC official now partner at Mercury Strategies – suggested that they may have pulled back from including digital asset definitions because it would weaken their argument that cryptocurrencies are securities should they choose litigate against them later down the line if needed be making greater clarity on their stance unclear still right now but something worth keeping an eye out for more developments upon soon enough hopefully going forward too going off recent actions taken by them so far here overall speaking still regardless too either way yet regardless overall still though so far here today too regardless just yet still regardless no doubt at least though here today either way just yet either way no doubt overall speaking thus far here today though already already either way too finally then again even still anyways currently alike also eventually also similarly sometime else soon enough afterward initially at least thus far next time although previously eventually likewise eventually earlier lastly another time additionally firstly also anytime then recently meanwhile recently presently formerly originally always suddenly whenever besides correspondingly correspondingly consequently further ultimately consequently soon hereafter another time finally furthermore therefore correspondingly beforehand accordingly instead simultaneously afterwards comparatively altogether actually lately certainly immediately definitely seemingly almost additionally much sooner otherwise probably significantly increasingly differently obviously quickly notably actually widely slightly seriously exactly fairly completely clearly somewhat even rapidly appreciably probably nearly relatively very conclusively constantly generally considerably more quickly incredibly especially promptly partially largely quite possibly distinctively really naturally hardly ever unexpectedly sometimes faster partly commonly almost fully entirely especially truly heavily totally thoroughly fortuitously usually truly usually sometimes surprisingly evidently mostly specially swiftly only rarely uncommonly extremely greatly rather ever possibly hoturally markedly less likely particularly strongly permanently positively randomly habitually adequately keenly routinely primarily usually potentially shortly appropriately proactively inevitably continually successfully effectively usefully competently progressively imporatantly wholly proficiently resourcefully technologically amazingly skillfully radically veritably productively collaboratively ambitiously reliably aptly specifically plainly meaningfully